'Tears in Heaven' by Eric Clapton

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Although this is a very sad and emotional song, it brought Eric a lot more popularity. According to Wikipedia, Eric wrote the song “Tears In Heaven” after his son died in a tragic accident when he was very young. This song won Eric three awards, because people were able to relate to the feeling of losing a loved one. I was one of those people who could relate to this song.
The year was 1991; Eric Clapton was at the top of his professional career as a songwriter and performer. Eric had much success, but soon realized that one thing was missing in his life: a relationship with his four year old son Conor. Soon he started to develop his relationship with Conor and his mother, but as good as the relationship was going, things would change in a second. According to Wikipedia, Eric was getting ready to pick Conor and his mother up for a day of fun, but as Eric was getting ready, Conor’s mother called Eric crying uncontrollably. She told Eric that there had been a horrible accident: Conor had fallen out of their friend’s apartment window from the 53rd floor, Conor was dead. Eric instantly felt guilt, sorrow, loss and doubt; especially now when they were finally starting to develop their father and son relationship. Eric turned to drugs and alcohol, but this would not make the pain go away. According to…

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