Tears of a Tiger

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Tears of a Tiger
By Sharon M. Draper
A story of Realistic Fiction

Teacher Answer Guide Packet

Pre-reading Activity

Directions: Think about the words below. Free write for at least three minutes about each word. Use extra paper if necessary. Be prepared to share your thoughts with your classmates.

1. suicide

2. DWI

3. friendship

4. family

5. depression

6. discrimination

Pages 1-22 Vocabulary & Discussion Guide

Fiery (1)

Weaving (1)

Frantically (2)

Raggedy (4)

Stunted (16)

Infinite (16)

Discussion Questions 1. What does the newspaper article report in the first chapter? Four boys went out after the basketball game. Robert Washington is killed in a car accident, and the three other
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Who is telling the story? When might this story take place? Is it significant that the characters in the story tell the story? Why?
Answers will vary here. They should include that the story is being told by the characters in the story (3rd person, omniscient point of view). The story could take place at anytime, including present day. It is important that the characters tell the story as the author wanted to show how this event affects every person involved.
Pages 23-34 Vocabulary & Discussion Guide

Proceeded (25)

Miscellaneous (26)

Recuperated (26)

Ordeal (26)

Revoked (27)

Privileges (28)

Forfeited (28)

Clogged (34)

Discussion Questions 1. How does everyone treat Andy after the accident occurs? They try to understand his pain.

2. How is Andy dealing with the tragedy? Do you agree or disagree with his method of coping? Answers will vary, but should include that Andy tries joking, and acting silly around friends/classmates. Answers will vary about the agreement, but could include that Andy is really not dealing with the problem and he will not be able to get over the incident until he faces it. Others may feel that by laughing and hiding his emotions, he will be able to get over the situation faster 3. Who was Rob the closest to out of the three boys? How or why do you think the death affects Andy the most if Andy was not his closest friend? Rob was closest to Tyrone. The death affects Andy

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