Tech Career Goals

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How does the Tech Academy fit into my career goals? I would like to attend Heartland Technical Academy because I feel as if it would be a great opportunity to get a head start on college. Completing tech would be a great accomplishment to put on college applications. I have many family members who have taken classes through Tech. Academy which have helped them further their careers easily. I would like to partake in the graphic arts class because I’ve always had a passion for art. I love to draw, paint, take pictures, etc. and I think that this class would be a great opportunity for me to learn new techniques that I could potentially use in careers. The graphic arts class would help me understand the types of resources used in the profession I would like to go in.…show more content…
Interior design has always been at the top of my list for potential careers, with architecture following closely behind. Considering the two professions fit closely together, I would like to pursue both. In graphic arts, plans and layouts are drawn for interior and architectural designs. I believe that taking graphic arts would help cultivate more skills that could be used in these professions. I believe that I will make a successful tech student because when I want to accomplish something, I pursue that task until I perfect it. I am a hard worker and I don’t give up. I have seen people apply to the tech academy just to get out of school and not take anything from this experience. I want to take away as much knowledge as possible from this
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