Tech Tectonics Current Manufacturing System Style Essay

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Tech Tectonics current manufacturing system style is the MTS (Make to Stock) method. MTS is a push-type production system which uses a build-ahead production approach that relies on sales and demand forecasts. This methodology wastes resources time and money during the production of Tech Tectonics top of the line computers. Oversupply and overproduction are the results of this wastage of resources.
Just-in-Time (JIT) is a manufacturing process that can be implemented into an existing Business to Business (B2B) infrastructure to provide a business with an efficient outflow of products to its consumer base. JIT correlates itself into many different areas and aspects of B2B processes such as coordinating with co-suppliers, establishing relationships and becoming a customer-centric value chain. Finding and collaborating with co-suppliers is a very important part in just in time because having co-suppliers takes a crucial part in how products and services will be produced and delivered on time.
To resolve the issue of resource wastage, maximizing profits and ensuring customer satisfaction, the existing MTS system must be discarded and replaced with JIT manufacturing.
To ensure that the proposed solution is enforced, the following procedures must be performed:
• Reviewing the supply chain: The objective is to build and maintain trusting relationships with well-known suppliers. This will minimize the unexpected delays in the receipt of inventory

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