Techie 12 Research Paper

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If fishing is your thing, but you want a paddle board that is a little smaller than the Dragonfly 13'6”, then the Techie 12’ is a good choice. While previous paddle boards from Dragonfly could be used for fishing, the Techie has been specifically designed for the hard-core angler. According to Dragonfly, the purpose of the board is frill-free fishing, but this doesn’t mean that they skimped on features.

What makes the Techie special is the fact that it is hand-crafted using vinyl ester resin with bi-directional fabric. It also has a 30-inch beam and beaded foam core. Dragonfly included two cubic square feet of forward dry storage in the twelve-foot hull and a small circular well in the aft. The forward storage is insulated and the aft well is compatible with an optional pump. Also on this board you’ll find three flush-mounted rail systems and how you customize it with camera mounts, rod holders and other accessories is up to you. Also of note is the unique water shedding deck and ocean grip padding.
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In addition, it has a removable fin system and drain plug. Don’t let the light weight fool you as this board is able to float about 320 pounds. Dragonfly Boatworks is known for the quality that goes into their products and this can clearly be seen with the Techie 12’. If you are a fishing purist and want a reliable paddle board that does everything you need it to do out on the water then don’t miss out on the Techie
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