Teching and Education Report

Satisfactory Essays
• Teaching, learning and assessment are good and reflect students’ improving success rates. College strategies to improve retention and hence success rates are taking effect, and in-year retention is now high. Students’ progression to a higher level of study and to employment is good.

• Teachers use their good subject knowledge and extensive industrial experience effectively to enhance students’ understanding and awareness. Teachers draw on their own experiences in the industry to illustrate key points in the lesson. In one lesson on computer numerical control (CNC) machines, the teacher emphasised the need to manufacture engineering components using CNC machines more competitively. He demonstrated effectively the industry practice of changing several parameters on CNC machines to achieve the required objectives.
• In practical lessons, students work independently, productively and safely. Most students produce a good standard of work. They make good progress and develop appropriate occupational skills. In a lesson in fabrication and welding, students produced a variety of high quality engineering components. In the minority of lessons, teachers pay insufficient attention to developing students’ underpinning knowledge. For example, in a lesson on “turning”, several students were unable to state the type of material they were using. In another lesson, a few students did not know the application of the engineering products that they were manufacturing.
• In theory lessons,
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