Essay Technical Advancement in the Field of Telecommunication

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Technical Advancement in the Field of Telecommunication The move into the Information Society is driven by the market for new information and communications technologies and services. Whilst the large number of technologies and services and their providers bring expectations of higher economic growth, there has been a growing concern about the social, ethical, cultural, political and economic aspects of the coming society. For some time there has been a considerable interest in the prospects of obtaining a "sustainable development" through the use of telecommunication technologies. The generally accepted definition of sustainable development is that "current generations should meet their needs…show more content…
Wireless Communications: Explosive Growth.

Explosive growth of wireless communications technology continues as the industry experiences new subscribers and lower prices for services. The U.S. market had 100 million wireless subscribers in year 2000, a 16.2 percent rise from 1999 of 86 million. In 1993, there were only 16 million wireless subscribers, a rise of 525 percent rise in subscribers over 7 years. Market penetration rose 33 percent in 2000. In 1993, market penetration was only 6 percent. The explosive growth can largely be attributed to intensive competition which forces prices down and increase cellular phone usage. In fact, the market for wireless voice services is becoming mature. Growth rates and heavy competition are restricting profit margins.

The U.S. telecommunications services industry will continue to expand in 2001. The popularity of wireless phones has increased the demand for wireless cellular telephone service and reduced the demand for in-building wired phones. Approximately 50 percent of the population has access to a wireless phone. With increased usage of wireless phones, the cost structure should be affordable to the greater population.

Cellular phone growth has fueled expansion of network infrastructure expansion as well. In mid-2000, there were 95,753 cellular sites. In 1999, there were 74,157 cellular sites. This is year-to-year increase
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