Technical Analysis : The Hunger Games

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Technical Analysis: The Hunger Games Emotions are powerful tools and can be expressed in a multitude of ways, but an extremely effective tool of conveying emotions is through soundtrack. A soundtrack is not only entertaining for an audience, but also can give them insight on what a character is feeling. A prime example of conveying emotions through soundtrack is in the film adaptation of The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games novel is hard to effectively portray through a film because the writers and producers are limited in what they can do to. They are expected to, both, keep Katniss’ hard exterior and expose her inner thoughts and feelings. Although subtle, the use of soundtrack, diegetic sounds, and non-diegetic sounds within the film adaptation prove to be effective tools in helping the audience to relate to Katniss Everdean and to let them explore the deeper character beyond her expressionless exterior. The use of sound in The Hunger Games film adaptation provides the only insight into Katniss’ inner feelings and emotions, whereas the novel lets people know her thoughts explicitly through first person point of view. Something that is very prominent throughout the entire movie is the use of supporting non-diegetic sound. A scene that sticks out in this category is when Katniss is performing for the important capitol officials in order to receive her score. It begins in a very suspenseful and subtle manner with light music, which is an accurate representation of how
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