Technical Communication Methods and Practices Essay

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Technical Communication Methods and Practices Jerome Armstead CJA/363 Interpersonal Communication Don Gemeinhardt There are many different accidents that may occur that law enforcement may encounter on a day to day bases. Officers must know how to react to these calls in order to effective communicate with others. Effective communication will allow an officer the know how to specifically get the help that he needs in order to complete the task with the correct tools. The police officer needs to be able to communicate with the accident victims, another officer, the department, or even the dispatcher. There are different types of accidents that may occur such as fire accidents, auto accidents, homicides, robberies and…show more content…
Communication is vital between the police and the fireman because there may be others is involved that could be injured or could become injured (Criminal Procedure, 2008). The police have many protocols for many different situations. Many police departments have procedures that are followed for an auto accident. First the responding police officer will check the area for anyone that is injured and communicate the information by radio to another officer. Normally the dispatcher, who is communicating with additional officers, relays the information that he receives from the responding officer. The officer must communicate with the drivers at take statements, so that the officer will record each driver’s version of how the accident occurred into a police report. Sometimes an additional officer that is present may be used to help with the questioning in order to determine if any drugs or alcohol were used. The report may have diagrams of the accident, which may help determine who was at fault. The officer then may have photographs, and roadway conditions. After this the final police report will be compiled with all of the statements and additional information that was gathered. The report will provide information on who was at fault. “During any investigation the police must have probable cause to make an arrest. However, the police at times must obtain an arrest warrant in order to acquire more evidence to support their suspicions. Communication must
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