Technical Communications Rhetorical Analysis Assignment

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For the Technical Communications Rhetorical Analysis assignment, I have reviewed two separate memos including; a memo titled confidential memo from the supervisor to the nurse manager based on errors made by a nurse and corrections needing to happen, also the memo titled problem memorandum assignment from an RN to the Senator and chair of New York State 's Health Committee as persuasion so the legislature will support the Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act H.R. 876. Audience Analysis The Confidential memo has been written by the Director of nursing for a specific audience, the nurse manager, who will have a great impact on the content of the memo. There could be a secondary if it’s decided by the primary audience that they will include…show more content…
It’s primarily written in response of an incident report. The incident requested immediate action, it being a medical setting where life and death decisions are made the problem needed to be solved as quickly as it was reported. The memo was urgent since previous incident reports contained content of the same problem. The memo was written after the nurse 's offense as stated in the conclusion of the memo if she continues to have issues even after the redemption plan there will be additional measures. The problem memorandum assignment appears to not be written in response to a specific incident report as the first memo, it is clearly written as a reaction and demand of action from polices and the system. The current conditions are described in much detail "Factors that contribute to the costly effect include the fact that nurses have, increased incidence of nurse burnout and patients have poorer outcomes increasing both mortality and readmission rates. Nurses are a large component to keeping readmission rates down through spending time with a patient and educating and empowering patients on self-care through helping patients understand importance of medication regimen adherence, importance of diet adherence, ways to reduce infection and various other skills to care for self at home" (Problem Memorandum Assignment, 2015) The documents exigence is crucial the audience to better the outcome of patients and that of the health
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