Technical Consulting Agreement Is Made Effective

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Technical Consulting Agreement This Technical Consulting Agreement is made effective as of October 04, 2015, by and between Skynous Consulting Services, of 5032 Water Vista Drive, Orlando, Florida 32821, and ProSoft Consulting Services, of 2130 Mane Drive, Orlando, Florida 32821. In this Agreement, the party who is contracting to receive services shall be referred to as "Skynous", and the party who will be providing the services shall be referred to as "ProSoft". ProSoft has a background in IT infrastructure evaluation and is willing to provide services to Skynous based on this background. Skynous desires to have services provided by ProSoft. Therefore, the parties agree as follows: 1) DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. Beginning on October 18,…show more content…
b) Survey Skynous staff, structure, and association, and recognize ranges for basic change. While Skynous will engross proposals for new staff positions, the organization 's financial plan is restricted and the inclination is to abstain from including positions. Skynous is additionally keen on adding to a stock of the current/fancied abilities, with the goal that Skynous can distinguish needs and plan for preparing. c) ProSoft should incorporate suggestions for routine reinforcements and recuperation, including recuperation including a circumstance in which a building would be unusable. d) Several large applications used by specific departments are slated for purchase or upgrade in the next five years. Skynous would like to explore options for acquiring these applications including their priority and the possible participation with comparable regional systems. Prosoft should provide solutions for this. e) ProSoft should audit Skynous’s present Charge-back and Equipment Replacement methodology and billings. Capable administration requires the accessibility of stores to swap both equipment and programming for expansive and little frameworks. As of now, just equipment has a set up wellspring of substitution financing. Proposals ought to oblige another biennium spending plan process. 2) DELIVERABLES a) ProSoft should provide a five-year strategic plan addressing the topics listed above and any others identified in the process of
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