Technical Evaluations and Competitive Pricing

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To determine what is involved, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature concerning the need for technical evaluations and factors to be used in determining the competitive range. An outline of the final evaluation report is followed by a discussion concerning which factors should be used when evaluating price reasonableness. Finally, an examination of different methods of price analysis and a determination of which price analysis method would be best suited for this project is followed by a summary of the research and important findings concerning these issues in the conclusion.
Review and Discussion
Defend the purpose of technical evaluations in regard to: a. The importance of integrity and fairness. Some authorities maintain that technical evaluations help to ensure the integrity of the contract bid process as well as the achievement of optimal efficiency, thereby resulting in fair and equitable outcomes (Levin-Waldman, 2000). b. The factors used to determine the competitive range. Some general factors that can be used to determine the competitive range of bids for this project include the following:
Evidence of direct head-to-head competition between the seller…
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