Technical Issues : Construction Of The Platform

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4. Technical issues: Construction of the platform: The platform was comprised of four main modules: A- Module controlling the flow of hydrocarbons and water produced from the wells. B- Were the separation of oil from other fluids took place, and then the oil was pumped into the main oil line for the transmission onshore. It was a production module. C- The gas compression and gas processing module D- For utilities: contained the ‘control building’, generators, and switchgear. Thlexander, who was caring for the survivors in the burns unit at the time of the accident in the Royal Infirmary, led the first psychiatric team and injured workers (Hull, Alexander, Klein, 2002). Local social worker, Ann Bone organised for injured workers and they families support group- Piper outreach team. (Harris, 1989) Professor Alexander is now director of the Aberdeen Centre for Trauma Research at Robert Gordon University. Ten years after the disaster he managed to find 46 of the survivors; they took the part in the study group on the long term psychological effect of Piper Alpha disaster and PTSD. They agreed to give interviews and completed questionnaires, the study showed that: 97% of the group reported psychological problems (Hull, Alexander, Klein 2002) Some of them needed individual therapy to deal with PTSD and had prescribed medication (Hull, Alexander, Klein 2002). They experience loss, thought they might die and saw someone being killed or injured and suffered in a variety of
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