Technical Management in Airlines

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TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT IN AIRLINES Abstract The paper discusses technical management aspects in airlines such as organization of technical staff. It creates an understanding of the roles of technical staff in ensuring efficiency of operations in airlines. It offers the knowledge of aircraft components that the managers or technical stuff should understand, in order to ensure proper management and prevention of aircraft problems. It explores occupational safety and why it is crucial in ensuring passenger and workers safety. The paper explains some of the management challenges that managers face while serving in the aviation industry. Some of the challenges involve government regulations, which airlines have a responsibility to comply with, in order to operate without interruptions. The paper offers an understanding of various technological tools, incorporated for the purpose of improving flight operations. Such tools include those which enhance communication, and other gadget such as PLCs. The paper identifies crucial areas that pilots need to understand in order to ensure safety of passengers. Organizing technical staff In air lines, proper organization of technical staff is crucial in ensuring efficiency of operations. For example, the technical personnel require guidance on how to perform various operations in accordance to laid schedules. Before an air craft is ready for takeoff, the technical crew ensures that its components working normally to prevent
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