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Technical Paper It Project Management Student name: Instructor Name: Date: Technical Paper It Project Management Introduction There is an old adage which insists “time is money.” While simple, in concept, it has been shown to be true, matter of fact. In a a world where has been becom global, technically driven society, however, the idea of time has changed in the global industry. Where industries were more of a nine to five, but now the industries because of the global influence has turned into a twenty four seven type business. Because of the people, organization, and the location has caused this. With this shift in perception, organizations, especially, have taken on the greater challenge of ensuring efficiency in their operations, allowing their customers the freedom and peace of mind to have access to the products or services they purchased without interruption. In order for this twenty four seven industry to work, sometimes we tend to forget about the IT comapanies that allow for this realization of freedom and this peace of mind possible. In the scenario with Fiction Corporation, it is rather obvious that the role of IT is vital to the accomplishment of the business, in general, and to the company’s decision to move, to be specific. Big-Proj will receive the “big break” for which it is looking by ensuring that they are in compliance with the goals that are set up in respects to the scope of the project, the timeline projections, and

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