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Technical Paper: Information Systems Security Shauna Martin Professor Keppler CIS 333: Networking Security Fund 6/8/12 As an information security officer for a small pharmacy there are a few things that need to be addressed. As with all companies it is top priority to make sure that the data that is input into the machines stays safe and to make sure that the people using the computers know it is their responsibility as well. As a security officer my supervisor has asked me to identify any inherent risks associated with the pharmacy and establish any physical and logical access control methods that will mitigate the risks identified. When it comes to both physical and logical controls you have to keep the two separated…show more content…
Also, we must look at the physical risks that are in place because of the physical layout of the pharmacy. Since the front of the store faces the mall that means that the person that delivers the drugs or medications is coming from the back door. Which means this puts the server room at risk because the only personnel that need to be in the server room are those that have access to the server room itself. If someone other than IT needs access to this room for any reason, they should get approval at a corporate level. Also, at any point that this server room door should be open for any reason without approval should definitely be monitored to make sure that nothing ends up “walking”. Such computer hardware or cabling are stored here it is an easy target for something to come up missing in this area. There should also be lock on the door that should be a pin code so that no one else knows what that code is. If someone leaves the company for any reason this lock should be changed in order to remain in full security and compliance with company policies. With any network organization you want to make sure that you keep on top of vulnerabilities of anything that reaches out to the internet. Computers and servers that touch the internet are ones that must be scanned. As a company you have to make sure that you configure the security settings for the operating system, internet

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