Technical Production in Film and Television

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Most of these categorical elements have been more extensively developed in film than in television, primarily because television has tended to be filmed on sets and because films tend to have larger budgets and more flexible production. As a result of the natural constrictions imposed by television production, popular techniques have been slower to make their way to television.
Sound effects and music have played an important part in television production because they enhance the realism of filming on a set and are relatively inexpensive to employ. The association between a particular television show and certain melodies is very strong most people who watch television regularly can reproduce the theme song of their favorite television shows. Props and locations (albeit, typically simulated on a set) have also been well-used supports to television production. The mise en scène of a television show is generally of a smaller scale than a film, such that composition of the scenes and the use of props to help tell the story achieve a relatively high degree of importance. Early and classic films, such as the vehicles in Harold and Maude, employed props to convey significance to viewers.…
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