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Technical Paper It Project Management Technical Paper Project Information Technology Project Management (CIS517) Date: Introduction There is an old adage which insists “time is money.” While simple, in concept, it has been proven true, in fact. In a global, technologically driven society, however, the very idea of time has changed. Having once implied a spanning space between the hours of “nine to five” relative to the person or organization from whose vantage money was viewed, time is now irrespective of person, organization, or location; it is, literally, “24/7.” With this shift in perception, organizations, especially, have taken on the greater challenge of ensuring efficiency in their operations, allowing their customers the…show more content…
Finally, drafting a timeline, using the critical chain approach, will be completed, taking into account both adding and wasting safety time. Once all those steps are complete, assignments will be made to all Big-Proj staff members detailing their tasks to meet the intended goal. (*A more detailed discussion of “initiation,” per PMBOK, will follow.) Moving Plan To expedite the move, Big-Proj would set up a system in Fiction Corporation’s new facility that worked as a “backup” to the network in place at its current site. Once the new system was functioning properly, the process of dismantling the first round of servers—1 UPS, 2 RS/6000 A/X application servers, 5 virtualized servers, and 10 PC servers. By dividing the server moves into two phases (or “rounds”) there would always be some servers online, without interruption. While the bandwidth would be considerably limited, processes could continue without—or with minimal—interruption. Another benefit to employing this method is that which exists in regards to budgetary requirements. The immediate reduced workload for moving the servers will ensure that Big-Proj does not incur any overtime compensation obligations as the number of servers to be moved and set up can be completed within regular, established work hours. True, the number of days will be increased, however, since those responsible for moving and setting up the equipment are already salaried, and since the need to “rush” will be

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