Technical vs. Academic Writing

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E-mail: Technical versus academic writing To the staff of XYZ company: XYZ prides itself on its team spirit as a company. As an organization, we strive to ensure that all employees are able to work in an environment that promotes both productivity and happiness. Recently, it has come to the attention that some of the rules put into place designed to support our community are being overlooked by some of our employees. This email is a reminder that ethical behavior and consideration for others is a cornerstone of the philosophy of XYZ. First and foremost, XYZ has a zero-tolerance policy for workplace bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination. Not only do we strive to be compliant with federal civil rights law: we also strive to create a workforce in which every employee feels comfortable, and does not feel threatened based upon his or her gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristics. Please consult your employee manuals if you have any question about what constitutes bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination; further training on how to recognize these practices is forthcoming. Remember that jokes and innuendos that might seem appropriate with friends may not be acceptable to make to your colleagues in the workplace. Just as a professional attitude and demeanor is required regarding how we treat one another in the workplace, it is also essential to observe professional work standards at all time. Coming in late repeatedly,
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