Technim Analysis In Algorithm

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The test of reliability, efficiency and validation of optimization algorithms is frequently carried out by using a chosen set of common standard benchmarks or test functions from the literature. The number of test functions in most papers varied from a few to about two dozens. Ideally, the test functions used should be diverse and unbiased, however, there is no agreed set of test functions in the literature. For any new optimization, it is essential to validate its performance and compare with other existing algorithms over a good set of test functions. A common practice followed by many researches is to compare different algorithms on a large test set, especially when the test involves function optimization. However, it must be noted that…show more content…
In this dissertation, two approaches viz. Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) and Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm (GOA) are implemented to solve various power system optimization problems. GSA is inspired by Newton’s law of gravity and law of motion and can take care of optimality on rough, discontinuous and multi-modal surfaces. The GSA has three main advantages: it can find near optimal solution regardless the initial parameter values, its convergence is fast and it uses few number of control parameters. Moreover, it can handle integer and discrete optimization. GOA methods, population based approach are more common, which mimics the natural phenomenon during the optimization process. They mainly work on the principal of survival of the fittest. The effectiveness & feasibility of the both approaches has been tested on different standard test cases. These test cases have been divided into two alternative models. Test case-I, GSA algorithms are tested on mathematical benchmark functions with known global optimum. In order evaluate the optimization power of GSA various benchmark functions are taken into consideration. These benchmark functions are the classical functions utilized by many researchers. Test case-II ,To examine the applicability and effectiveness of the GSO method, three different test cases of ED

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