Technique to Improve Reding Skills and Reading Comprehension

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Reading is an important part of learning English. This guide to how to improve your reading skills will help you improve reading by using skills you use in your own language. In other words, one of the best tips on improving reading is to think about how you read in your own language. Start by thinking about how you read different documents. How do you read the newspaper? How do you read novels? How do you read train schedules? and so on. Taking time to think about this will help give you clues on how to read in English - even if you don 't understand every single word.
Ask yourself this question: Do I read every word in your own language when I am reading a schedule,
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This stage is performed in conjunction with the survey process, especially when you learn the content and start scanning the pages quickly.
As you read the title of the chapter, the chapter subtitles, special words in bold or italics, tables and figures then at the same time you do the asking yourself. Here you perform an active process by analyzing, synthesizing the main ideas and arguments presented author. You can create a variety of questions such as:
“ I think this section should explain in advance about what is "Personal Development"
In my personal development skills are not only himself, but also spiritual development. However, the author of this book seems to be more focus on personal development that is skill.
I believe that personal development will help people to be successful. But I also believe there are other factors that accompany it, including the hand of God in it.
And so on”
Notice of the questions above, a reader has made the process of active dialogue even before reading completely done. Accordingly, readers are mentally ready to plunge into these works, including discussion of the proposed test author with nothing has been learned and understood by the reader before them.
It is this process that will help the reading actively. In this way, the reader not just "think" with what the author but participating in the analysis, synthesis and argument against the

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