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ALLITERATION is the repetition of consonant sounds in a series of words. If the consonants are the same but the sounds are different they do not alliterate. eg. "...the grease that kisses the onions with a hiss." from WILLIAM STREET by Kenneth Slessor ALLUSION is the reference to well-known figures and/or other texts eg. "And thrice I heard the Cock crow thinking I knew it's meaning well." from COCK CROW by Rosemary Dobson The reference here is to the denial of Jesus after his arrest by one of his disciples. APPROPRIATED TEXT A text which has been taken from one context and translated The process of translation allows new insights into the original text and emphasises contextual differences between the two. ASSONANCE is…show more content…
PARODY is a conscious imitation of another work usually for a satiric purpose eg. "I love a sunburnt country a land of open drains..." REPETITION of words is used to add emphasis eg. "Alone, alone, all, all alone Alone on a wide, wide sea" from THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER by Samuel Taylor Coleridge PERSONIFICATION is the figure of speech which gives human qualities to non-human things eg. "The Kind old Sun will know" from FUTILITY by Wilfred Owen SARCASM is the use of sharp direct and intentionally cutting words. Literally means flesh tearing eg. "He has so many faults and defects it will be hard to replace him in the job." SATIRE is composition which holds up to ridicule human vice or frailty in a scornful and amusing way SIMILE is the figure of speech which compares two things using 'like' or 'as' eg. "The bomb burst like a flower." from HIROSHIMA by Angela M. Clifton TONE is the writer's attitude to his or her subject matter or readers. You can often decide the tone by imagining the tone of voice a writer might be using if speaking the text. Alliteration | the repetition of a consonant at the start of several adjacent words | Allusion | referring to a well-known event or text | Assonance | the repetition of a vowel at the start of several adjacent words | Blank verse | verse comprised of unrhymed lines in iambic pentameter | Connotation | implied additional meaning or

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