Techniques In The Darkling Thrush

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The Structure, style and poetic techniques of a poem contribute greatly to the development of the central idea of a poem. Three poems with central ideas that stood out to me were ‘The Darkling Thrush’ by Thomas Hardy, ‘Days’ by Philip Larkin, and ‘Remembrance’ by Emily Brontë. The central idea of each of these poems revolve around the idea of time and change. Firstly, I will discuss how in ‘The Darkling Thrush’ the simple and traditional structure, the bleak yet straightforward style and techniques such as vivid imagery and capitalisation combine to develop the central idea of change. The same can be said for the simple structure and style used in ‘Days’ which combine with poetic techniques such as metaphors to develop Larkin’s argument against time and change. Finally I will discuss how the idea of time is developed through techniques such as vivid imagery and symbolism in ‘Remembrance’ along with changing styles and a slow, consistent rhythm. The Darkling Thrush is a poem written by Thomas Hardy that explores the regular life changes a person must endure throughout their lifetime. The structure of the poem is very traditional and simple. It starts off with a structure of ABABCDCD and repeats this structure for the next three stanzas. Perhaps Hardy thought that a jagged rhyme scheme or untraditional…show more content…
In the lines ‘And even Despair was powerless to destroy, Then did I learn how existence could be cherished’ (Keegan P.J, 2000), we see a new side of the speaker who has some newfound hope for the future. This shift in style is signified by the ‘but at the beginning of the sentence. She believes that the dreams she once had are now perished but this despair has not destroyed her completely. She realises for the first time that life can be cherished without the ‘aid of joy’ (Keegan P.J, 2000). This is a huge change in the development and is the start of the resolution of the
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