Techniques Of Monopole Antenna

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operation but also needs to have an appropriate proposed design. It employs two techniques to improve the radiation pattern. These techniques are the use of an angled dipole and vertical copper plates arranged on the ground plane for improvement in the radiation pattern of lower and upper bands, respectively radiation profile in both bands, namely similar gain, wide beamwidth. One of the popular techniques for broadening the patch antenna bandwidth is to incorporate a U-slot on its surface. They have the ability to confine the power in certain directions instead of scattering the power everywhere. As a result of less power loss toward unwanted directions, the multipath and interference effects are reduced.
Using wideband circularly
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Fundamental characteristics of this antenna such as the radiation directivity and the frequency response are measured.
Figure shows a picture of the proposed antenna that has a shape of ―tears drop‖. Using Novel Ultra Wideband Planar
Reflector Antenna a reflector antenna relies on reflection of energy from the reflector. Reflector antennas tend to be good directional and high gain antennas [11]. There are some classes of ultra wideband reflector antennas, such as planar, corner, and parabolic cylinder reflector antennas. In these reflector antennas, the planar reflector antenna is the simplest and yet most practical design. Principle of the planar reflector antenna is image theory. As shown in figure according to antenna image theory, an image antenna can generate in the other side of the perfect electric conducting plane. Using conducting plane as a back reflector, a more compact antenna structure may be feasible. The conducting planar reflector serves to concentrate the radiation to the antenna side of the planar reflector [12].
A dual spiral antenna for Ultra wideband capsule endoscope system a dual spiral antenna for ultra wideband capsule endoscope system is proposed. Since a capsule endoscope system which transmits real time image data in the body should have ultra-wideband characteristic, an ultra wideband antenna is suitable for this system. When an antenna is used as capsule endoscope system, a small sized antenna is
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