Techniques Selection And Common Elicitation Techniques Essay

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Abstract—Requirements elicitation is the first and most critical phase of Requirements Engineering (RE). To aid the elicitation process, many techniques have been proposed. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. This variety makes the selection of technique or combination of techniques for a specific project a difficult task. Mostly techniques are selected based on personal preferences rather than on attributes of project, technique, and stakeholders. In this paper, the researchers propose a three-step approach for elicitation techniques selection. In the first step, a literature review is conducted to identify the attributes affecting techniques selection and common elicitation techniques. The second step is to analyze these attributes using a multiple regression model to find the critical attributes. Finally, an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) based model for selecting adequate elicitation techniques for a given project is proposed. The ANN model help reduce the human involvements in this process. It was implemented using Neural Network Fitting Tool in MATLAB. The network has accuracy of 81%. The ANN model was validated empirically by conducting a case study in a software company.
Keywords: Requirements Engineering, Requirements Elicitation, Multiple Regression Analysis, Neural Network. Introduction
Requirements Engineering (RE) is the process of formulating, documenting, managing software requirements. RE process is composed of various sub phases: requirements
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