Techniques That Can Be Used On Web

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Techniques that can be used on web pages to help a user access and use a page. Ensuring Compliance with W3C By publishing open standards for Web protocols and languages, the W3C aim to avoid web fragmentation with its goal of having ‘Web interoperability’. The W3C (short for World Wide Web Consortium) are a group founded in 1994 by Sir Tim Burners Lee, the same individual to have invented the World Wide Web in 1989. This compliance group are in charge of setting the international rules and guidelines for websites which are placed for the World Wide Web. They do this so that the Web progresses in a single direction rather than being split amongst competing divisions although it is not compulsory for a website or web browser to meet every…show more content…
This means that when the user is searching for a specific page through a search engine such as Google, they will be able to find what they are looking for swiftly and will not have to search through other pages to find what they want. This means that meta-tags allow better navigation and accessibility to information for users. Meta tagging can be used in order to aid user access to information, as it helps people find the website based on the topic of information. This is done effectively when all of the keywords are included in the meta-data when the website is being built. For example, when a website is being designed to promote itself such as a cricket club, words in-relation to the club would be used such as cricket, batsman, sponsor, club name etc. these words would all be included within the meta rage because these words are related to the topic of the page and would therefore allow people to find the website and its information a lot more quicker and easily. Meta tagging is necessary for aiding users to find a website and being able to access the information that it contains. Meta-tagging makes finding websites a lot easier because you do not need to know the specific URL of the web page that you are trying to search for. This is due to the fact that the user can use the information that is already provided to them in order to find a link to that webpage that they are searching for. This will make navigating on the internet a easier
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