Techniques Used For Classify The Models Of Church Planting

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Techniques used to categorize the models of church planting Things that lay influence on various models used in planting of churches include: one is denominational ecclesiology, two is if a mission agency or church is carrying out the actual planting, three is the planting body ethos, four is the spiritual and theological planting body outlook, five being the direct correlation of factors to the context which includes a community/area sociological understanding of where the church is to be planted and six is the planting team size. The terminology employed in describing the different planting models are divergent and a lot of terms are gotten from the obstetrics or horticulture world, but others are derived from the military, nautical and astronomical worlds (Murray, Laying Foundations, 260). Christine groups planting models in terms of the body performing the sponsoring say the agency, church or any other body (Robinson and Christine, Planting tomorrow’s Churches Today, 126). Murray defines four historical church planting categories: one is the replacement planting where it is conducted in places where the church is being closed, two is the pioneer planting which is done in places where there are no Christian witnesses, three is the saturation planting that mainly concerns with ensuring that each group of people that is identifiable has unlimited church access which has relevance on a contextual basis, and the fourth and last one is the sectarian planting that ensures an

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