Techniques Used For Extracting Useful Information From Images

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The main objective over here focusses on the enhanced image searching which can be carried out by performing few of the existing techniques used for extracting useful information from images. These techniques include image classification, Feature Extraction, Face detection and recognition and image retrieval etc.

4.1 Image Classification
After the image has been processed using the 3 frameworks proposed the image needs to be classified which is done using the image classification technique of image mining. Classification can be carried out by applying the method of supervised classification and unsupervised classification but here we will mainly focus upon supervised classification.

Supervised Classification
Supervised classification is
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Various trees for example R-tree, R*-tree, R+tree, SR-tree etc are used in such cases.

4.5 Face detection and Recognition
The face plays an important role in today’s world in the identification of the person. Face recognition is the process concerned with the identification of one or more person in images or videos by analyzing the patterns and comparing them with one another. Algorithms that are used for face recognition basically extract facial features and compares them to a face database to find the best and suitable match. Application of face detection and recognition includes biometrics, security and surveillance systems.
We have taken six images which includes two Face based image, two Content based image, and one feature based image and the last image which is a combined image which includes all three types i.e. Face, content and feature. The search results obtained when the above mentioned six images were searched for on a search engine is shown in Table I. The following table shows the time taken in the searching process of the images:

Image Type of Image Time taken for searching
Image1 Face based 5 seconds
Image2 Content based 4 seconds
Image3 Feature based 5 seconds
Image4 Face based 3.5 seconds
Image5 Feature based 6 seconds
Image6 Combined 7 seconds

Table I: Time taken for Image search

From the results obtained from the above searches we can
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