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The Human Resources Department of an organization is responsible for recruiting the best employees for their organization's needs. They are looking for talented applicants who fit their culture and who demonstrate experience in management, organization, human relations, time management and knowledge about the company. Recruitment strategies are critical in attracting potential candidates. Basic information about the applicants is obtained through the application process and review of their resume; however, the interviewer should be looking for those traits and qualifications that are essential to the Service department’s needs. That is why a set of pointed questions during the interview would be an opportunity for the
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The purpose of the interview is to identify the applicant possessing the key requirements for that position and special qualifications, traits, characteristics and experience that are desirable in a candidate.
The questions a hiring manager can and should ask a job candidate could be numerous, asking the right questions, however, is essential in hiring the best candidate for the job.
1. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE OF MANAGEMENT? This question will determine how well the candidate would interact with subordinates and whether he/she is willing to go “the extra mile” to obtain the best performance from his team.
2. ARE YOU A VERSATILE MEMBER OF THE TEAM? Is the candidate a roll-up sleeves kind of manager? In other words, will he/she be familiar with the functions and responsibilities of the employees?
3. ARE YOU FAMILIAR WITH THE PRODUCTS, EXPECTATIONS OF QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SERVICES OF OUR COMPANY? A manager should stand behind the image and reputation of the company. In order to be an effective leader, a manager should be educated in the expectations of achievement and level of responsibility of the company to the customers.
4. WHY ARE YOU INTERESTED IN OUR COMPANY? This is an opportunity to see if the candidate has researched the company and its culture. If a candidate is serious, they will be able to state clearly what is the reason they
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