Techniques to Boost Employee Morale Without Increasing Salaries

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In almost every industry, employers are trying to do more with less. Educational facilities throughout the United States are working hard to deal with budget cuts and growing demands on limited resources. Additionally, trade schools, college campuses and Universities across the nation are witnessing that student enrollments are at an all-time high. Simply put, more is expected to be done with less. Hard working educators are working to meet the expanding demands in their classrooms and laboratories. Davis Applied Technology College in Kaysville, Utah is certainly no stranger to the higher demands set forth on the staff and administration due to on-going budget cuts and record high head counts. Like many educational facilities, Davis…show more content…
As student needs spike, they are asked to do more with less. In addition, they are coping with personal pressures: rising costs in college tuition and healthcare; shrinking values in assets like homes and retirement funds; and increased responsibility for jobless family members. Fifty-four percent of workers plan to look for another job when the economy improves, according to a survey released in June by the Adecco Group, a company that helps businesses find temporary and permanent workers (Watson, 2009). Seventy-one percent of 18 to 29 year olds say they are likely to look for new jobs once the economy turns around, according to the same survey. Expecting workers who are under stress to radiate enthusiasm and continually express gratitude for their jobs in unrealistic. Relying upon the recession and fear of job loss to maintain worker productivity is an ineffective short-term strategy and will contribute to long-term problems (Watson, 2009). Conversely, according to Hewitt Associates’ Best Employers in Asia survey of 305 Asian companies, the most important factors that affect behavior-and happiness- are recognition, corporate polices such as benefits and worklife balance, and career opportunities. Pay only appeared as an important secondary factor (after recognition) in the Phillipines, and as tertiary factor among top executives (Fowler, 2003). Morale is the barometer of employee

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