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Demographic trends have not played a huge role in the Disney Parks. Disney attracts visitors from around the world and local demographics do not make a large impact. Population increases are a good thing for Disney as more people means more opportunity for sales. So, the only demographic trend that really has an impact is the increase or decrease in people over the years. While Demographics do not play a huge role the economy does. The economy has been far from stellar in the last few years and with a poor economy businesses suffer. Consumers cut back on their spending and cut back on vacations. So, with the turn in the economy for the worst what impact did this have on Disney, the most successful theme park in the United States?…show more content…
Disney’s first film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a huge hit and forever changed the animate film industry. Disney was able to make the concept of fairytales come to life, not only in movies but also Disney parks began to build dream castles that were found in the fairytales (Martin, 1997). Disney began to advertise their movies and fairytale castles to get even more people into the highly sought after theme parks. They were able to predict consumers taste and used technology to make those dreams come true. Disney was created with the goal of making dreams come true. Also, with the changes in technology attractions have changed. More advanced rides and shows have been created over the years. Exhibits have ne updated and 3d films have been introduces at the parks. Also, they have changed a great deal due to changes in the way people feel about discrimination and biases. Disney has always been on top of changes in technology and the parks have kept the same goal in mind, but have changed a great deal of the years (Seth, 1997). Another change that comes with changes in technology is advertising changes. Disney has changed from advertising in newspapers, billboards, newspapers to television and now to internet to promote their products. Disney recently began to post full videos and clips online at,, and They have also begun to sell ABC content for use on iTunes and video iPods. Overall technology has

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