Technolgy and Pilot's Training

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I chose Flight Simulator because it is a good topic to be focused on. Firstly, flight simulator is a high-technology machine designed to look like a cockpit of an aircraft, it has computer-generated images that shows the pilot's view, the same environment as a real plane has. It has powerful structure with mechanisms that move the device in various condition. Just key in the condition you want. Rainy ? 40km/h of wind ? This device can make it. It is a device that artificially re-creates cockpit-like real aircraft. Basically, it is used for pilot training, aircraft design, and any other purposes. In flight simulator, you can start wherever you want, moving away from the hangar, take-off landing etc. In simulator it includes real environment of a flight with same mechanism on how aircraft fly etc.
Before World War 1, the first recorded flight simulator was built on 1909, the simulator was built to help pilot fly a monoplane designed by Antoinette. Antoinette is a French manufacturer of light petrol engine. Later on, Antoinette became the most important and the pioneer builder of aeroplanes. The Antoinette unit was pivoted and they need assistants outside the device so that they could roll and pitch the device. They built it using long wooden rods attached to the barrel. The first full-size model was named "Antoinette Barrel Trainer".

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