Technological Advancements And Technology

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Technology is intended to improve our lives and since the dawn of man progress continues to take shape. We consider technological advances as modern conveniences, and in many respects they improve our lives. The consideration is how to use and integrate these advancements effectively into life. Consider the evolution of the Smartphone and it unknown long-term effects on society. For example, people born after 1995 have virtually grown up with the Smartphone technology and they are affecting an entire generation often referred to as the iGeneration. While progress is good in many ways, the costs are revealed as time passes. Teenagers do not understand a world without technology, in particular, smartphones and their effects on their socialization, mental health, and physical health. Smartphones quite possibly could be making the “iGeneration” less smart and less fulfilled. Take for example social media and how it interfaces with our society. We post on various platforms to show a sense of happiness with the social interactions in which we engage. Selfies have become the norm. The cost of all the fascination of social media connections is showing a negative trend among teens of the iGeneration. Facebook wipes away face to face interactions. Instagram posts do not get enough instant likes. Snapchat can get you into trouble in a snap. These technological advances are affecting the socialization process of this generation. Most teens stay home more, communicate through texts
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