Technological Advancements In Oji: A Case Study

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treat the tens of millions of individuals with other chronic conditions, including diabetes and

pulmonary diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, mHealth tools

designed around the needs of these populations could lead to greater levels of monitoring and

tracking of important biometric information, primarily collected passively’, this segment

highlights the possibilities of mHealth and technological advancement in that area. The future is

bright for technological advancement made for the betterment of human health so long the cause

remains out of the sight of corporate greed.

There have been many portrayals of future which could be reality should the

advancement of technology be uncontrolled and adaptations
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Rates of extreme obesity started to climb as Oji – Cree

individuals started to get lazy, spending more time in front of their new television than outside

and the health of the community started to decline. There were also records of high rates of

depression and suicide as this community started to become too dependent on technology. The

Oji – Cree serves as an example of ways as to how to properly adapt with new technology and to

let it become part of our lives. Although it is hard to imagine a technology which could changes

our lives as much as it did for Oji – Cree it seems to be only a matter of time before new

technological breakthroughs which shake the foundations of society as it did for the Oji – Cree.

Future societies should research from the reasons why this event occurred and do their best to

prevent this from reoccurring.

The growth of technology has many benefits for individuals and society. With
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The constant increase in efficiency for individuals

who use it is something that should not be stopped, however should individuals blindly accept

any new technology and integrate it into their lives, there may be consequences that were unable

to predict. With the media depicting ideas of the future where technology has taken over human

lives, actions need to be taken to avoid the progression along this road. With products already

beginning to get close with the human body in the form of the recent Apple Watch, other

technologies are sure to follow. The Oji – Cree is an extreme example of the impact of new

technology into a population which was unable to adapt. A society who’s members struggled to

adapt to the new features that were presented to them eventually suffered health and mental

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problems, which lead to consequences such as suicide and starvation which was previous

unheard of. Individuals need to be constantly focused and clear minded in their view of new

technology to preserve their wellbeing while at the same time adapting properly to the
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