Technological Advancements Over The Last 40 Years

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Technological advancements over the last 40 years continues to amaze people. It was just 16 short years ago, humans worried about Y2K and here we are today, looking for the newest and latest trending gadget. Most consumers first experience with Microsoft was in 1990 with the release of Windows3.0 (Microsoft, 2016). Over the last 25 years Microsoft launched six different operating systems, getting better each and every time with their latest operating system being released in 2015. Windows10 provides users with countless applications and features to include Microsoft’s latest development of their HoloLens. Microsoft’s advancements have made desktops, laptops, gaming consoles, cell phones, and tablets affordable for everyone. In 2013,…show more content…
Most consumers have at least one movie using 3D disposable glasses and Microsoft is advancing that technology by allowing their HoloLens wearer to view everything from a different perspective and alter the images they view. Product Type Consumers have been demanding their technology gadgets for years and this is one area of the consumer market not slowing down. Microsoft is not the first company to offer the 3D consumer technology, according to the University of Southern Maine (2016), who reports they have experience with using Meta’s headsets. Consequently, the Universities’ CI2LAB is the first to fully test Microsoft’s HoloLens in the world (Maine, 2016). Considering Microsoft’s advancement in this type of technology, they have developed the latest innovative product. Based on the definition of Neil Richardson and Ruth Gosnay (2010), Microsoft has developed, designed and is currently limited their sales of their completely and radically new HoloLens to millions of consumers. Almost simultaneously, Microsoft was developing the HoloLens while developing Windows10. This was a smart choice for them to combine the product development of these two latest advancements. Moreover, it will help save them millions, maybe even billions of dollars in R&D considering Windows10 operating system already has applications customers can use with these glasses. From a marketing perspective and review, Richardson and Gosnay (2010) explains Microsoft is currently in the sixth
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