Technological Advancements of World War !

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Advancements in technology and science contributed to one the most gory and bloodiest war in the annals of human existence. These new technological advancements revolutionized how people regarded war. War was no longer where the opposite forces fought in a coordinated battle. War evolved into game of cunning strategy where the side with the bigger, powerful, and smarter toys played better. This led to a fierce competition where each side tried to create the smarter machines and better weapons, leading to deadly mass killing weapons in the process. One weapon or machine was created and an even better one was made. New developments such as machine guns, poison gas, tanks, and new strategy to thwart trench warfare affected how WWI was …show more content…
Although the casualty of poison gas reached over a million, it uses start diminishing "once the crucial element of surprise had been lost..." (Duffy). Also gas masks and antidotes rendered these gases useless later on in the war. If poison gas was the most feared, the barbed wire and the machine gun was the most deadly. Barbed wire, a simple yet destructive weapon was made in DeKalb, Illinois by a Joseph Glidden who originally planned to keep control of his flocks. A seemingly harmless item used for fencing in America, it was the devil's tool on the battlefield. Miles of barbed wire were strung along the trenches. Then as the unsuspecting soldiers "charged across the shell cratered hell of No Man's Land, they would become tangled in the wire, easy pickings for the machine gunners in the opposing trench" (Shmoop Editorial). Trying to eliminate the wires, opposing forces used enormous amounts of artillery fire to cut the wires, an attempt at which they failed miserably at. Even though there were several different designs of machine guns, Hiram Maxim was the man that originally invented the machine gun. Before the machine gun were invented, there was the hand cranked Gatling gun that which was capable of mass quick firing. However, these guns easily jammed due to overheating and constantly needed reloading, exposing the person reloading to danger. These new and improved designs by Hiram
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