Technological Advances in the United States Healthcare

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Technological Advances Healthcare delivery in the United States has morphed through substantial changes over the years with most changes occurring as a result of technological advances in medicine. Though technological advances directly affect health care delivery in America, other factors affect it as well. As reported by Ball (2012), two of the earliest and most important technological advances that affected the system of health care delivery in the United States were the invention of the x-ray and the discovery of germs. These two advances drastically altered the health care delivery system and illustrate the way in which other technological advances may have bearing on the system. Further, these technological advances have drastically altered the public opinion with regard to the health care delivery system in the United States. Unfortunately, the resulting public opinion of the current health care delivery system is not necessarily a positive position. According to Jonas and Kovner (2008), this is probably due to the fact that health care in the United States remains a mystery to most. Additionally, the public opinion of the health care delivery system will continue to be affected by advances in technology as it was by the identification of germs and the use of x-rays in medical diagnosis. Health care in the United States was initially provided by family members or other community members. It was not provided by what would now be considered a doctor of medicine.
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