Essay Technological Determinism

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Technological determinism is a term developed by Marshal McLuhan, a theorist in the study of new media. By technological determinism, McLuhan refers to technology having the power to change societies and influence our cultures. In this essay I will argue that technology does have the power to change society and influence a civilization, using ideas put forward by Marshal McLuhan. I will also discuss the debate around technological determinism recognizing the claims made by Raymond Williams that society shapes technology as we look back at its emergence and their subsequent control.
Both theorists have an interest in new media but it is the argument between weather technologies can shape society or is society shaping technology (LM
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From experience, I for one believe that technology has had a major impact on my culture , In Fiji if a man wished to be with a woman by our culture he has to go and let the woman’s family know about his intentions of being with the woman and ask them for permission before taking her out on a date. Nowadays this important part of our culture is history, a man just has to call the woman on her cell phone and ask her out on a date without her parents knowing. Now that I look at the changes that have happened in my culture, I think that it is a shame to watch our culture and traditions being influenced by technology. McLuhan with his writing’s makes us think about the power of technology and its abilities to rearrange society.
Raymond Williams on the other hand claims that technology does not shape society as he studies the emergence of technology and comes to the conclusion that is society that has control over technology and determines its uses and ability. Williams argues that technology should not be looked at as a totally different sphere that was separate form human life. Williams argued that technology is a social need in which it was invented. William’s argues against McLuhan’s claims that the forms of technologies are predetermined and says that technology
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