Technological Distraction

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Technological Distraction: a Serious Problem to Us All In this technological age, People are allowed to access to social media from anywhere at any time by using the new technology such as smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Technologies have several advantages if we use it wisely in the suitable time. Even so, most of the people cannot control themselves not to be distracted by technological distraction and let it decrease their concentration and working ability. Today, people tend to have less concentration than before because of the more distraction we create and the less awareness about distraction’s problem we have. Technological distraction has become a serious problem for all of us. Many people have misunderstandings about digital distraction’s…show more content…
In his article “Distraction” Appleyard raise the awareness of technological distraction’s problem. He write that “[we]’re all distracted” and “it’s killing [us]” (1). It is hard to spend all hundred percent attention to work in this distracted world, because digital distraction such as social networks are easily addictive. Many people cannot ignore this digital distraction, mainly because they do not know what they should do at that time and let themselves indulge in that distraction. Obviously, most of the people in this age cannot do a work that require high concentration and it is getting worst. Technological distraction’s problem lead to another problem, from paltry to lethal. Distraction might a little bit bother us sometime and make it harder to finish our work perfectly. A worst case scenario is when the technological distraction be a cause of an accident. Moreover, this problem decreases people’s reading, communication, and learning ability which is an important ability to build up their knowledge. If we choose to ignore this problem, it will become a bigger problem in the future. Thus, we should solve this problem before it out of
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