Technological Growth And Increasing Vulnerability Of Organizational Privacy

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We currently live in an age of increasing technological growth and increasing vulnerability of organizational privacy. More organizations are using digital means to run most aspects of their businesses, which gives hackers more power to buy and sell private information (Lustgarten, 2015). Increasing ethical issues, with technological changes in our everyday business settings, have also become an apparent problem. This suggests that the outlook of data protection is changing, which necessitates security and ethical precautions and considerations. The increase in technology has provided many benefits to our society, but this has also caused a security concern in the workplace. Technology is evolving quickly and it is difficult to keep up with all the change. We have witnessed an increase in intrusions and electronic attacks over the past years due to an increase in technological growth and its integration in the workplace. A major concern is the lack of security awareness and training in organizations. To solve this issue a large degree of dedication will be needed to keep up with the progress of staff trainings within organizations. Another concern is controlling access to corporate information systems in order to prevent unauthorized access, abuse, and theft of sensitive data. A few ways to prevent the many security problems that organizations face include designing better operating systems, employing better information and network security,…

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