Technological Growth Is Not Be Done?

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Technological growth is exponential. Inventions and innovations build on each other to create products that could only be dreamt of ten years before, such as 3D printing and virtual reality. For many people, these advancements in technology bring to mind a new phone or having do less chores around the house. For others, such as laborers, it represents losing their jobs. The World Economic Forum recently predicted that automation will replace five million jobs currently held by humans by the year 2020 (Kamenetz). But when considering robots taking jobs in a field such as teaching, where communication is a crucial component, the question is not “Is it possible?”, but “Should it be done?” Advocates for artificial intelligence (AI) teachers…show more content…
These include educator, role model, mentor, and protector. Many who oppose AI teachers argue that a robot can not do any of these jobs as effectively as a human being. Daphne Koller is one opponent of AI educators, saying that humans are social creatures, and as such we learn from, and with, other humans. Koller says that “it’s important to have someone there to answer the really challenging questions if you really get stuck.” While she admits that computers will be able to answer greater numbers of more difficult question over time, she says they will never have the ability to inspire like a human would. In other words, AI will never have the same capacity to mentor and be a role model for students. Within an interview with, she stated, “People will tell you that one of the most inspirational experiences they’ve had, that have often shaped their life, is someone who’s been a really inspirational teacher (Johnson)." Daphne Koller is the president and cofounder of Coursera, an education technology company specializing in making online courses in subjects including sciences and humanities. She is a computer science professor at the University of Stanford and is a recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship. Given her experience in the fields of education and technology, Koller should be deemed a reliable individual to argue on the future of AI in Education. There are several alternatives to a full-blown replacement of teachers with AI. It
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