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Methods creators Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan are said to have been “single-handedly turning the consumer packaged-goods on its head.” The former roommates wanted to create an environmentally friendly product that looked good enough to leave on top of the kitchen counter. Adam and Eric grew up six blocks away from each other in the suburbs of Detroit. After high school Lowry studied chemical engineering at Stanford University, after graduating Adam’s first job was working at a plastics company in Michigan. After this he went to work for the Carnegie Institution for Science of Stanford, doing climate science. After graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a BA in communications, Eric Ryan started his career in London with an internship at Integrator. It was through this that Eric discovered his love for marketing and design. Adam and Eric reconnected on a flight to San Francisco where they discovered that they live on the same block. Adam who was living in a five bedroom apartment invited Eric to move in with him and his other roommates. The two friends have always longed to start their own business and with Adam’s passion for the environment and Eric’s eye for design they realized that their dream could be achievable.
The success of method products was not achieved over night it took lots of trial and error to get their products to where it is today. Adam Lowry left Carnegie to come up with the initial business plan for their new brand. In the summer of 2000 they
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