Technological Inventions That Help in Dealing With CMA Violations

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Controlled Area Movement This study will look at the technological inventions that will help in dealing with the situation of the increasing controlled movement area (CMA) violations. The participants in the collection of primary data will be 42 respondents from the management, security and operations departments of airports in the United States. Introduction The CMA incursions are on the increase and the domestic airports are technologically capable of handling any negative occurrences. There will a statistical significance on the situation when the interviewees respond with a (p= 0.6) margin in disapproval of the null hypothesis. The Testable Hypothesis: CMA incursions occur when any aircraft, vehicle or pedestrian goes to these areas with or without knowledge. Some of these incursions happen on a deliberate purpose because of reasons best known to the violators. Because of this, the airports authorities have come up with ways which the violators get charged or are taken into account for their actions (Federal Aviation Association, 2012). Background Information Statistics from NASA (2001) show that majority of the incidents that are related to CMA are purely because of human error. The objective of this study is to highlight the identifications of the possible CMAs, the role that can be played by proper orientations and training of the personnel as well as the reduction methods that can be applied. Statement of the Problem Program

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