Technological Model Of The Technological Environment

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Technological Factor Based on the model of the technological environment, there are three dimensions to conceptualize the changes in industries, technology, process, and impetus. New technologies have had an enormous impact across all aspects of the fitness industry, all the way from marketing and payment transactions to biometric evaluation. New technology is often synonymous with advances in science—more specifically, computer science. This is a logical assumption given that we live in a digital era. However, technology has a scope that extends beyond the constraints of the computer. Within general definitions, technology encompasses the practical application of knowledge to design and implement systems that help solve human problems.…show more content…
Creating a safe workout environment for members goes hand-in-hand with personal comfort. Advances in green, environmentally friendly products, such as low-VOC paints and high-efficiency HVAC systems, have allowed gym owners to incorporate these into their design while enhancing their members’ experiences. Research on the feasibility in terms of design capacity and cost-effectiveness of these systems is the first step in the implementation process. As for the process perspective, streamlining efficiency is an important factor from an operational standpoint. Advances in such things as web- and software-based entry systems/membership programs and the popularity of the Internet have led to a new digital era. Now, virtually every form within the fitness center can be offered digitally. Other factors affecting the front desk/check-in process include such things as the rise in popularity of digital locker locks. Nowadays, the large amount of space dedicated to key cards and member files has been replaced by a single computer terminal. Another example of technology streamlining efficiency is the rise of asset management software built into some of the new cardiovascular equipment. This software “flags” equipment malfunctions by sending a service-needed message to the appropriate party via the Internet. With this system in place, club owners can cut down on the time it takes for equipment repair. With both of these examples, as
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