Essay on Technological Surveillance

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Technological Surveillance In an age where instant communication and technology provide easy and ready access to information, the society and the individual is caught between two very controversial principles- open information and privacy. The perceptions and expectations of privacy are rapidly changing as a result of current developments in surveillance technologies. The question is are these new surveillance technologies endangering the values and morals of our democratic society, the society we have worked for many centuries to achieve? According to Webster's dictionary, surveillance is defined as a "close kept watch over someone or something." Surveillance is not a new concept, and has…show more content…
If this power is put into the hands of one person or one governing body, citizens are vulnerable to having their rights to privacy violated. Citizens may be concerned that they are constantly being watched, even in situations where they are not committing crimes. If the power of surveillance gets in the wrong hands, there is a possibility that the information may be used in crimes. This leads to square one, surveillance to prevent crime has actually caused it. Another very controversial issue is the right to privacy of citizens in their own homes. As citizens of Canada, we have the right to privacy and reserve the right that our privacy will be not be intruded upon. However, as citizens, we also do not have the right to commit crimes within our homes. By committing crimes, we are giving up every right as a citizen. However, corrupted law enforcers also cause ethical issues to rise. Policing agencies can easily use technological devices for reasons other than to prevent crime or catch a criminal. There is no one to police the police. Therefore, officers can physically intrude on one's privacy for any reason they please. Citizens may also abuse this right through the police by creating false accusations about another citizen, which may lead to a person to be watched. Privacy has become a very important issue, especially when
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