Technologies Required For E Commerce

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Technologies required for E-Commerce In this report, I am going to explain the technologies which are required for e-commerce as well as the technologies that might be required by Cuckoo – a small business selling clocks and watches that is willing to expand via the internet. The technologies which I will be justifying include the hardware, software and networking needed for e-commerce. The technologies that are required for E-commerce include; • Web servers • Web browsers • Server software • Web authoring tools • Database System • TCP/IP Addresses • Ports • Protocols • Domain names • Multiple Registrations of Domains: • Programming Requirements: • Download Speeds • Browser and Platform Compatibility Hardware and Software A web server is…show more content…
The software interacts with the hardware infrastructure as well as the processor, memory, storage, input/output and other communication ports. There are different types of server software’s which are available to but all focus their primary objective on using the built in computer capacity and resources. Cuckoo will not need a cloud based server as they are a small business which will not need to access their document from any computer but their own. However they will need a virtual server software in order to keep track of appointments, suppliers, receipts, customer information and etc. Web authoring tools make it possible to create and design web pages in ease as it requires to be less technical to make. These include software applications such as Dreamweaver and Microsoft Front Page. Cuckoo can use these software’s to create their own web pages however it will give off a less professional look if using Dreamweaver if they would like to save on money. However if they are experienced and know of other web authoring tools to make web pages, then it can benefit them graciously. On the whole, Cuckoo will not need this as it does not hold much significance if they have not created the website themselves. Database system on e-commerce website organises all of the data on a computer system which is a back-end storing the catalogue of products, customer records and other business information. The software which is used is similar to another application known as
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