Technology A Disconnection

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Opinion Piece – Technology: A Disconnection Over the past few years, technology has become a significant part of people’s every day lives. It helps people connect with those far away, but in the process, disconnects themselves from others close with them. Technology has helped improve the lives of many people through transportation and more, but overall has torn us apart. The constant usage of technology has people’s eyes glued to a small screen; they often forget to communicate with those around them. Cell phones have developed over the years to become not only a way to talk with others, but to have forms of entertainment, social media, and other means of communication. Many people today only rely on their phones or computers, and…show more content…
The urge to be connected has become more of an addiction than a form of convenient communication; due to the amount of time people spend on technology. This causes a severe disconnection with others around them. People spend more time looking at the “perfect” lives of other celebrities, that they forget to enjoy what is around them. If people spend more time looking up from their screens, they could make more friendships or companionships with other people. Imagine all the possible conversations you missed because you were too busy talking to people through a screen, instead of those around you. People often use their means of technology as a way to distract them or avoid talking to others. Perhaps this is due to the social disconnect they have with others around them. If people spend less time on technology, more connections with people would form. You would have more time to do things you want to do, such as reading, exercise, or more. Instead of connecting with people through technology, we should make connections with people close to us the top priority. After years of being developed, technology—specifically and computers—have been used too much, that they cause a disconnection instead of a connection. Technology has its benefits, but in many cases, it is often unnecessary and a waste of time. People should spend less time connecting through technology, and reconnect with those around
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