Technology : A Scapegoat For Human Flaw

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Technology: A Scapegoat for Human Flaw Our society is heavily dependent on the latest technologies. The real and the virtual worlds are so intertwined that at times it is hard to separate the two. In “’Plug In Better’: A Manifesto”, Alexandra Samuel analyzes technology’s increasingly dominant role in our lives, and shows how its time consuming nature can get out of hand. The whole idea of completely unplugging is a relatively quick and painless, yet uninventive “solution that lets us avoid the much more complicated challenge of figuring out how to live online” (Samuel). People blame technology for making them lazy and impatient, but in reality, technology could just be reminding them of their failings. The negative effects of this technology brings many human flaws to attention which cannot all be blamed on technology; some of them being getting easily distracted, social conflicts, and people’s evident laziness and need for constant stimuli. Modern technology has too many valuable resources to be simply thrown away by unplugging, thus achieving a middle ground through smarter useage of technology and incorporating it into everyday lives is a more efficient cure for our human flaws and society’s growing use of technology. The human struggle for productivity can be facilitated with the help of the many technological tools available to people. At face value, the issue with technology can be quickly summed up by concluding that technology is detrimental to people’s focus and

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