Technology Addiction

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Society is Becoming Addicted to Technology
If you go to a public place what do you see? People glued to their phone? iPad? iPod? Laptop? Or whatever new technology that just came out, right? Maybe you’re one of them. Do you ever have trouble staying off your phone or computer? How long can you go without checking your phone to see if you have any phone calls, texts, emails? People can access information through their fingertips at any time. It’s also an easy way to keep in touch or find someone. So many benefits, but I fear that technology is becoming a new age addiction for the public. Technology will one day be all that we see and take over the world. People are forgetting to enjoy the beauty of now. It seems the more advanced tech gets the more people become disconnected with the world. Society is stressed and in a rush to get everywhere and anywhere they are heading. So why do people get addicted to technology? Is it because of all the new tech stuff that businesses advertise convincing us we need to have them? Or maybe it’s something else. “We found that video game addiction tended to arise from preexisting attention- and impulse-control problems, but not the inverse. In other words, the mental health symptoms came first, then the media addiction. Evidence here remains preliminary, however, and much debate remains. Of course, exposure to certain types of media or Internet may make preexisting symptoms even worse.” (Ferguson, Para #21) I found this very interesting and
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