Technology Addiction

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Has Technology Really Helped us or Have We Become Addicted? I am wondering to see the dramatic changes happening in our life and in lifestyle because of the technology and its latest trends. Is technology really helping us or somewhere are we becoming more and more dependent or addicted to it? No doubt, the technology plays an important role in our life and we cannot think of living without it as it is believed to make our lives simple and more convenient. Today’s fast evolution of Information Technology & Communication, Social Networks, Mobile Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and E-commerce are transforming traditional way of functioning of our community and offering new ways to distribute ideas and drive engagement. It is the advancement in Technology that today we are able to perform multiple tasks on a single device at a given time. In corporate organizations, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. The organizations can save their resources by using technology to perform different tasks. In case of communication, technology is very advanced and plays an important role in business world. Data and information exchange can happen on real time basis. In the present day busy schedules people do not have time to socialize and meet with their friends/relatives or business partners frequently. In this context, technology has created virtual relationships, called as Virtual Customer Relationship Management (V-CRM), to meet with people, to network with them
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